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blog entry 28, 03/11/2022

i'm in physics, as usual
arguing with some people about whether nick bosa (? idk how to spell his name, but he's a football guy i guess) could survive being nuked
he couldn't.

blog entry 27, 24/10/2022

i'm in physics once again
i hear people talking behind me
they are loud

blog entry 26, 17/10/2022

i'm currently in physics class, awaiting a seating change and a test score.
i know i did badly, but that's alright with me
i've never been one to strive for academic greatness, despite the wishes of my family
it's okay

blog entry 25, 14/10/2022

exactly one month since last update, and a lot has happened:
my birthday, sumeru's desert has been released (i've already finished the big world quests), and i've actually been feeling a bit better! of course, i'm not feeling good all the time, or even most of the time, but genshin and muse can go a long way
i'll really try to update more frequently, i promise :)

blog entry 24, 14/9/2022

'm failing highschool already!
that's right, there's no saving me now
i'm probably going to drop out of highschool in freshman year
at least i can get a job coding ugly websites, i guess
thanks for reading, dearest follower~

blog entry 23, 9/9/2022

on my life
there's a lot i want to do in life
i want to be an architect, a musician, a writer, an artist
truth be told, i don't have the skills for any of those things
in reality, i'll probably get into a mid-tier college not too far from home, get a degree in engineering or computer science, get a boring job and a boring apartment, and die a few years later

blog entry 22, 9/9/2022

the queen of england died. she was old.
well, too bad for her, i guess.

blog entry 21, 1/9/2022

on sumeru! (again)
a lot of time has passed between the last blog post and now
3.0 has dropped, highschool's started (woo 9th grade)
i've started exploring sumeru, and i've finished the archon quests and one big world quest
saving primogems has gone well so far, and i've got 32 wishes that i'm hoping to use for candace and dehya
for now, i'll be exploring sumeru, collecting electroculi and dendroculi, and waiting for the next big update:
sumeru's desert! i can't wait to see it~

blog entry 20, 12/8/2022

on sumeru!
in honor of tomorrow's 3.0 livestream, i just wanted to show my appreciation for sumeru
from dehya to al-haitham, the new characters seem really cool, and i'm saving up my primogems for them
i'm also excited for scaramouche's appearance, and i'm a little nervous about his playable character design
honestly, we don't need another anemo guy with a sad backstory
venti, xiao, and kazuha are more than enough for now
but even though i'm not his biggest fan, i'm still hoping that he's a good character (and that he doesn't have that goofy hat)
thanks for reading!

blog entry 19, 5/8/2022

on enkanomiya and the chasm
**genshin spoilers**
the chasm is better than enkanomiya. first, the quest you need to complete before unlocking the area is much more fun. you get to hit a bunch of stuff and the way the seals function is a nice foreshadow to the celestial nail that you come across later in the questline.
second, the characters are way better and more fun. clitopho and jinwu and zhiqiong are all fun characters with personalities who you get attached to as you play through the story. (also, a special shoutout to katerina, i hope you're not dead)
i also really like the lumenstone adjuvant, as it's one of the few elemental oculus-like systems (like the frostbearing tree and sacred sakura) that actively makes gameplay better and is needed to progress forward in the quest. getting all of the lumenspar was a fun but not too challenging endeavor, one that let me access even more of the chasm.
third, the mysteries of the chasm compelled me to dive deeper into the world quests and main chasm questline, while enkanomiya just didn't do the same. even enjou's "betrayal" fell pretty flat when compared to the story of the abyss creatures you encounter in the chasm. having to hack my way through camps of dying, pained hilichurls while knowing that all they wanted was a peaceful final resting place was genuinely emotional, but enkanomiya's enemies were tedious to deal with, insignificant to the story, and as such, i often sprinted past them instead of staying for a fight.
that's it for the genshin reviewing for now, thanks for reading~

why i was gone, 4/8/2022

so, i've been gone for a while. like over a month. my computer's been acting up, and i also haven't had anything good to say. i think i'll post some of my essays and more passionate opinions on a new page that's somewhat similar to this one. thanks for reading, and thanks for visiting my site today. ♡
oh also i dislocated my kneecap for a 7th time and it hurt and i couldn't walk for a really long time but at least i got pizza for my troubles.

blog entry 17, 23/6/2022

friendship is weird. don't trust people who say that friendship is magic. they are wrong. it is weird as fuck.

blog entry 16, 16/6/2022

i got officially diagnosed with adhd and autism today. yay, i suppose.

blog entry 15, 5/6/2022

on cookie clicker
tldr capitalism bad, cookies good
thanks for reading

blog entry 14, 31/5/2022

happy pride month eve
in celebration of this, a list of my favorite queer ppl
-my cousin
-my other cousin
-my one irl friend
-aubrey and kim from omori
-beidou and ningguang from genshin impact
-my various online queer friends
-the online queer friends i like more than the others (ris ppl, zuko, dev)
-the people who work at the bookstore i go to
-you (probably idk)
that's it, happy pride to all the besties

blog entry 13, 31/5/2022

on picnics
i dislike picnics

blog entry 12, 29/5/2022

i haven't posted here for a while
if i thought anyone was actually reading this, i'd apologize
well, whatever
nothing i can do about it now
the end of the school year is quickly approaching
i'd be excited for the summer, but as a californian i can only think of how bad the fires are going to be this year
early this morning i dislocated my kneecap for the 6th time
which was kinda sucky
i had to put my kneecap back in by myself
and i missed out on a few hours of sleep
i couldn't even get out of bed to get ice
i have a limp, which'll probably last a month or so
it's fine now, i suppose
at least i can call my bad knees an omori reference, along with my birthday and mental health issues
that's it for now, o awen pona

blog entry 11, 26/5/2022

on my sexuality and gender
idk you tell me

blog entry 10, 25/5/2022

on the meaning of life
in my opinion, the four main things a person should try to accomplish during their life is to:
-try to make the world a little bit better
-try to learn more about how the world works
-have a good time while they can
-raise the next generation to do the same

blog entry 09, 24/5/2022

in a few weeks, i'll be going to new york city for two weeks for an architecture program
i'm quite excited, as architecture or "nasin pi musi tomo" as i call it in toki pona is one of my greatest interests
if you're an avid consumer of my crappy little site, get ready for an abundance of architecture-related posts on my architecture page (haha just kidding my architecture teacher said that i wasn't good enough to be an architect -future ceri)
plus, i'm hoping to take some time over the summer to refine my toki pona skills, which means i'll probably be making some translations and posting them somewhere here
although i'm sure nobody reads this, i like to hope that my niche little interests are of interest to someone else here
that's it for right now, o awen pona!

blog entry 08, 23/5/2022

on homework
homework as a concept is kinda inherently flawed
i'd elaborate but i have homework to do
have a good time of day, reader ^_^

blog entry 07, 22/5/2022

on videogames
i play the sims 4 and genshin impact, which by all accounts are videogames
however, because of how mainstream genshin impact is, and because the sims 4 is a sandbox game, i'm not really seen as a "gamer", and calling myself such would be enough to garner the judgement of many
i think this is stupid.
now, i don't consider myself a gamer because that's cringe and i'm cool (/s), but i should at least have the option to, given that i play vidogames
not to mention that the whole reason the games i play aren't considered "real videogames" by many is rooted in weird sexism stuff
tldr: being a gamer is cringe, so is sexism, play the sims 4
thanks for reading

blog entry 06, 21/5/2022

i'm up quite late tonight
i've been working on this site a lot, and i'm quite proud of where i'm at
but i should probably get some sleep before it's too late
sleep well, dear reader :)

blog entry 05, 21/5/2022

this morning i've been playing quite a bit of genshin impact
it's a fun game, though it has its flaws
personally, my favorite character is beidou (北斗)
she's got a cool backstory
since i have no money, i don't have many of the good characters (if you don't know, genshin impact is a free-to-play, pay-to-win-a-bit-faster game)
but i still have fun playing
that's it for now, have a great day wonderful reader

blog entry 04, 20/5/2022

on judging people
i am a firm believer in not judging based on appearances (there are exceptions, of course) but it seems like many people do not have this same mentality
perhaps it's because i am short and not the most visually appealing, but i don't usually like or agree with assumptions about people based on stereotypes and surface-level observations
i also quite dislike being mean in most situations, though i will not hesitate to be rude to someone who has personally hurt me
but being mean to someone i don't know for something they can't control makes me feel so bad
however i am quite judgmental (i know it's a bit of a contradiction)
but perhaps because i can't express my negative opinions and judgments outward, it coalesces inside me
that's just a theory though, i'm probably wrong about that
well, that's it for right now, goodbye reader :)

blog entry 03, 20/5/2022

there's this annoying 6 year old annoying me right now
he has a british accent and he will not let me program this site in peace
but other than that my day's going fine
i got a nice compliment last night which is always fun
i'm not the type to get complimented much so it's a rare treat
actually, last night was pretty good
i made a joke about css being shitty and it was appreciated
plus i made a new friend
well, that's it for now, thank you lovely reader :>

blog entry 02, 19/5/2022

on emoji
i am not the biggest fan of emoji, as i prefer the simple emoticon
however, emoji often provide simple ways to communicate big ideas, such as identity
why say you're from bolivia when you can just put a bolivian flag in your bio?
but i think that there are so many emoji that are just unnecessary, and i think that emoji should be more simple
one of the reasons i like emoticons so much is because they remind me of a simpler time, ala bo burnham's "welcome to the internet", a time in which one had to use creativity and limited symbols to express oneself
it's similar to writing words with a calculator, in that it becomes less fun and less impressive when more and more letters are provided to you
i might expand on this in the future, but right now it's time to sign off, thank you epic reader :-)

blog entry 01, 19/5/2022

today i started the blog section on this site, not sure what else to write
i'm sitting next to a preteen girl with blue hair while writing this, she is taking a buzzfeed quiz on "controversial dessert opinions"
she saw the code i was writing and asked if i was hacking
i think she should focus less on desserts and more on getting a proper education
but i'm also a dumbass sometimes, so who am i to judge
ok that's the end of today's post, goodbye wonderful reader ^-^