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ceri's absolutely epic neocities site

about the page

this webiste is made with the most basic html and css
don't judge me too much cause i can't code for shit
i made this out of a desire to seem cool and smart
i am neither of those things

a story i wrote, hosted on google sites

i would link some of my music here but it's not that good

my dislikes

stuff i made

stuff about me

my name is ceri
they/them pronouns
i compose music sometimes
i know some toki pona (conlang made by Sonja Lang)
aspiring irl architect, current sims architect
i am named after the element cerium but my name is pronounced "carry"
i have really bad knees
i speak a bit of mandarin chinese
my biggest flex is that Sonja Lang once helped me a bit with toki pona

contact me

friendl_face#7754 on discord
address: 420 69th street (aka your mom's house)
uh that's it i guess

welsh is dumb

the welsh word for "welsh" is pronounced "cumrag" and i hate it
i tried to learn welsh on duolingo once and it was too dumb so i stopped
i hate welsh so much
i'd rather memorize every chinese character than have to learn welsh
fuck welsh

toki pona

toki! nimi mi li jan Seli (li seli ala, li Seli). mi jo e sona lili pi toki pona. mi jan pi moku kasi, li wile kama jan pi musi tomo. sona pi toki pona mi li suli ala, mi wile kama sona. mi jo e jan pona sin: jan Alija! ona li pona tawa mi. mi wile e ni: pana sona pi toki pona tawa ona. tawa pona!

on the music i like

my favorite band is muse, and i've been listening to them since i was ~4 years old, when the album "the 2nd law" came out. as a four year old, i didn't know much about thermodynamics or the laws thereof, but i did know one thing: madness was fucking amazing. since then, i've discovered the magic of videogame music, from omori to genshin to the guilty gear series. this playlist, titled "#girlboss", is 18 of my favorite energetic songs, and it represents a good chunk of my music taste that i couldn't fit on the sidebar.

on capitalization

so, as you may have noticed, i don't capitalize letters very often. the only things that i capitalize are the names of important people (Sonja Lang, as an example) and my name in toki pona, as to distinguish it from the toki pona word for fire. that's it thanks

if you were wondering about the shade of green i use, it's rgb(43, 255, 43)
feel free to use it if you like it :)